Push Around Lifts

Low level powered access indoor pop-up lifts go anywhere indoors, even through single doors.

Lightweight specialist powered access for space and weight restricted areas. Safer alternative to ladders and steps and more compact than standard scissor lifts ideal for access indoors in low level access environments.

Also known as micro scissors, pop-ups, pop-up scissor lift and pop-up hydraulic platform lifts.

Our range includes:

  • Power Tower
  • Youngmans Boss
  • Peco Lift
  • Ecolift
  • Hybrid
Available to hire around Enfield, London and nationally on a daily,  weekly or a monthly basis at affordable prices.


3.5M Lift


4.2M Lift

Power Tower Nano

4.5M Lift

Youngmans Boss X3

4.55M Lift

Hybrid HBP50

5.0M Lift

Power Tower

5.1M Lift

Youngmans Boss X3X

5.2M Lift