Mapress (Power Press)

Our mapress power press kits range from 15mm up to 108mm on the smaller sizes we supply rems powered or cordless power press kits, 35mm upwards we would recommend the novo EC03 mapress power unit, and let us know what sizes tongs you require.

Portable power press kits are supplied with spare battery.

Hire reliable power press in Enfield, London. Contact us now for competitive rates.

Powerful and portable press fit machine

110V Power Press Kit

(Rems Mini-Press Acc)

Cordless Mini Power Press Kit

(Rems Akku Press) 15mm / 18mm /28mm /35mm

Cordless Power Press Kit

Sturdy manual tool for outer/inner tube deburring

Deburring Tool 15mm Up To 108mm

Developed to create permanently tight connection

Ec03 Power Press Kit

Supplied with adaptor

Extra Press Collars
Romax 3000 Cordless Press Tool