Electrofusion welding is the welding together of plastic pipes, we have on our hire fleet 3 types of welders, a 40V Fusion machine which will weld pipe up to 400mm, also a Geberit fusion esg machine suitable for HDPE pipe up to 160mm and the Geberit 230V boost start switch, welds HDPE from 200mm to 315mm.

Designed to run fusion welding machines

4.     Tin12 6.5 Kva Generator

Available in a range of sizes

Cable Rollers & Pipe Rollers

Strong quality welds on polyethylene pipes

Fusion Machine 40V

Welds from 200mm up to 315mm

Geberit 230V Boost Start Switch

AW315 - Suitable for Geberit, Terrain, Akatherm