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3 popular working at height myths blown wide open

Myth 1 – You need to be qualified to use a ladder at work.

Whilst you don’t need formal training or qualifications to be able to use a ladder for working at height, you should be competent. This means you should have the skills, knowledge and experience to be able to use the ladder safely for the task you are carrying out.

Of course, we all need to start somewhere, so for those who are in training, a competent person should be supervising their use of a ladder for the purpose of carrying out their task.

Myth 2 – You should always have two feet and one hand on a step ladder when working at height.

Another misunderstanding – you should always have three points of contact with the ladder whilst working at height. This doesn’t have to be your hands and feet, it can be your body which means you can keep two feet on the ladder and release your second hand, using your knees or chest to stabilise you.

For your own safety though, it’s best to ensure there is a handhold to be able to steady yourself before and after carrying out the tasks involved.

Myth 3 – HSE has imposed a fine for those who contravene a ban on the use of a ladder to access scaffolding.

Providing your ladder is an industrial grade ladder and in good condition, there’s no problem with you accessing scaffolding using a ladder. Ensure your ladder is secured appropriately to the scaffolding and that it extends one metre or more above the landing point to offer the user a secure handhold when stepping off the scaffold platform.

One alternative to this may be using a scaffold tower.

Of course, for the safety of your workers, it may make sense to hire powered access or an access platform for working at height.

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