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3 of the most popular reasons to hire a floor crane

There are many projects where you may need floor crane hire. Floor cranes are a handy bit of kit, often used to boost stability and lifting power in varying locations on a site – especially where there are no overhead lifting points available.

They aren’t just useful for lifting heavy items but, by attaching a hook system to one end, a floor crane can easily and safely lift materials or equipment that are bulky or awkward to maneuver.

Floor cranes are often called counterweight cranes. They get this name from the weight at the base of the unit that counters the weight being lifted. Often, floor cranes are on castors making them easy to move around. Available in manual or hydraulic designs, they are versatile and the floor crane that you use will depend largely on the task that you need it for.

At Mr Plant Hire, we have carefully selected a good all-rounder floor crane to keep in stock at our branches for our customers to hire. The MFC750K is compact, meaning it can be transported easily in elevators and is simple to set up. Once set up, it’s robust and, with the ability to change how the counterweights are used, it can be positioned in front of walls or balustrade to lift heavy items over barriers.

3 most popular uses of a floor crane hire


When working at height, lifting materials to the point they are needed can be hazardous and difficult. Especially beams and struts and materials that are heavy or bulky. Often this is only a short phase of any construction project, which means floor cranes are perfect to lift the required materials to height at the required point and then be moved elsewhere when needed elsewhere.

Garage and car repairs

Floor cranes are perfect to lift heavy engines in and out of cars in repair garages and workshops. With the choice of a manual or hydraulic lifting mechanism, they can be versatile and can get close enough to the cars to lift the engine. Because floor cranes are easy to move, they are perfect to wheel into position when required, and wheel out of the way again once finished with.

Warehouse storage

Floor cranes are perfect for lifting materials to height. With a hook mechanism on one end and a telescopic reach, they can be moved to where they are needed, used to move bulky or heavy items safely up, or down, into the correct storage area within a warehouse and then easily re-positioned when required.

There are loads more uses for floor cranes, but these are just three of the ones we see most frequently. If you’d like to discuss floor crane hire that’ll enable you to move your materials safely and easily, call us today on  0208 278 7593.

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