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New products added to our Mechanical & Electrical fleet! 


It has been tough throughout the pandemic but as things start to look like they’re going to get better and we’re heading in the right direction our Mechanical & Electrical Division have expanded their fleet! Due to popular demand and keeping up with the ever-growing needs of our customers we’ve purchased more of the ALF 150’s and we’re introducing the Cosh Cage to our fleet!

ALF 150









– Portable & Lightweight, Single person lift.
– Everything pre-connected & ready to use.
– Rapid change Conical Inlet Nozzles.
– Easy to use single instrument panel with menu driven interface.
– Configurable settings include: Ambient conditions, sensor damping, units of measure, data record rate.– Able to measure flow in STD conditions or Actual conditions.
– Entire unit can fit in the boot of a small hatchback car


Cosh Cages






COSHH compliant storage unit for liquids, gases and solids
Removable shelf has a 120kg safe working load capacity
Steel mesh is galvanized for ultimate durability, and allows complete ventilation
Strong grated floor allows heavy items to be stored inside while allowing drainage into the large 290L sump
The door is fitted with a hasp and staple catch to allow the unit to be secured
Forklift pockets
Simple construction allows the unit to be deconstructed and flat packed



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