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10 things you may not know about boom lifts

Boom lifts (often also called “cherry pickers” or “man lifts”) are easily distinguishable from other forms of lifting equipment or powered access hire because they have an extending arm, with a basket on the end as opposed to a scissor shaped or other lifting mechanism.

Leading boom lift hire London plant hire outfit, Mr Plant Hire has come up with this handy list of things you may not know about boom lifts:

  1. Depending on individual specs, boom lifts can swing in wide arcs or a full 360 degrees.
  2. Standard Boom lifts are designed to lift workers at height safely into position to accomplish their tasks. They are not designed to lift building materials. If you need to do the latter, then you will need a Telehandler instead.
  3. Boom lifts are the most versatile of the industrial lifts can, depending on the type, can be used both indoors and out.
  4. Most boom lifts swivel on their bases, and many offer swivelling baskets as well, for even greater accessibility to project space.
  5. The unique thing about boom lifts is that they move laterally to give them full mobility for use outside (compared to say scissor lifts which have limited mobility and are safest to use indoors)
  6. Standard Boom lifts are operated from the ground but can be positioned by the operator in the basket to reach up, down, left, right and forwards or back.
  7. You can also get Self-Driving Boom Lifts which are larger, wheeled machines that an operator drives from the basket and can accommodate several workers, along with light equipment and materials.
  8. Towable boom lifts are another option for companies that move from job to job and aren’t equipped with trailer rigs. Any suitably rated truck with a hitch can tow this style of lift.
  9. Telescoping Booms can also be used for stability at greater heights by extending straight out from a central boom mast.
  10. Articulating Booms – instead of telescoping straight out, the booms on these lifts unfold in layers to their operating height making the basket more manoeuvrable but they will not reach as high as telescoping lifts.

Booking your boom lift hire

If you are considering boom lift hire, you will need to work out exactly how high you need to go, and how much mobility you’ll need to get the job done. And, you will also need to ensure that the basket size and weight capacity is sufficient for your workers and their equipment and tools.

Given their range of motion and versatility, boom lift hire is likely to cost significantly more than scissor lift hire, but generally less than telehandler hire.

Mr Plant Hire offers a comprehensive range of boom lifts for hire in the London area across the top brands like JLG or Genie boom lifts. View the full range here and contact the Mr Plant Hire team now for advice and information on availability and rates.

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